Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Soothing Touch Organic Bath and Body Products Review

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Soothing Touch skin care products.jpeg
Organic skin care is a great way to keep skin healthy.

Certified organic skin care is tops in my book as a secret of great skin.  The reason is because of purer ingredients to let skin breathe instead of suffocating with unhealthier chemicals or toxins that can possibly jeopardize health once absorbed through the bloodstream. Zeroing in on a good certified organic skin care brand can take some effort.  However, I recently discovered Soothing Touch, a wonderful and affordable option for keeping skin smooth, radiant and healthy through certified, organic bath and body products like several the company sent along.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Rimmel Kate Conditioning Lip Balm Review

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Kate Conditioning Lip Balm.jpeg
My lips felt softer using this lip balm.

Lip balm is one product that I can’t live without between how the weather and matte lipstick formulations dry out my lips.  However, I never tried Rimmel’s Kate Conditioning Lip Balm that promises up to eight hours of moisture to keep lips satisfied until lately when it arrived for me to test out.

This lip balm appears to have an orange tint, but it is clear once you apply.  It does have a fairly noticeable fruit-like scent that didn’t bother me, but might irritate more sensitive nostrils.

What I found was that it did have a nice glide to it and kept my lips comfortable and lubricated whether I wore it alone or underneath a matte lipstick for as long as I wore it.  My lips felt softer afterwards.   If you wear just this lip balm, it gives a nice natural shine as well.

I really liked the feel of Rimmel Kate Conditioning Lip Balm and would buy it again.  Check it out when you’re in the market for lip balm! 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Recipe: My Sweet Mildly Pickled Refrigerated Hot Peppers Come in Handy for Spicing Up Other Dishes!

Sweet Pickled Refrigerated Hot Peppers.jpeg
This recipe is a great way to enjoy your hot pepper harvest.

I don’t know how your garden turned out this year, but mine was terrible.  The only things I got to harvest were four tomatoes, basil, sage, and a lot of hot peppers.  The rest of what I planted was enjoyed by the increasing army of deer and ground hogs that like to camp nearby. 

If you, too, are left with more than you know what to do with of hot peppers, then you are going to love this easy recipe that I have for you today.  Due to my bumper crop of jalapeno peppers this year, I thought it would be great to add a little spicy sweetness to the hot in this recipe that mildly pickles them for later use in other recipes from casseroles, scrambled eggs, toppings for pizzas, adding to sauces, sandwiches, etc.  

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Six Most Indispensable Eye Brushes You’ll Want to Own!

opened roll of makeup brushes.jpeg
The key for perfecting a look revolves around the tools you use.

In my opinion, the right eye brushes are a necessity if you want to be happy with the look of your makeup. Here are six of the most basic ones I believe everyone should have for help in creating stunning eyes.

The first one that is critical is a concealer brush.  I honestly don’t know how I ever survived before without one for the difference it makes for hard to reach eye areas.  Look for a tapered, flat brush with a fine tip for the best results.  One with a larger head is harder to work with when trying to access the eyes inner corners. Make sure the brush you select is firm, but not so hard that it will irritate that fragile skin of the eye area.

Friday, September 23, 2016

The Best Fall 2016 Lip Look for Mature, Aging Lips!

natural aging lips.jpeg
If you're aging, it's time to think about the formulations and shades of lip products that you wear.

The lip trend this Fall 2016 features a lot of dark, smoldering takes on reds and peach-beige shades from brick tones, glamorous movie star reds to edgy, black-inspired reds to take offs of mauves with a heavy focus on matte formulations.   At the same time, lip gloss also will be coming back more this season with subtly updated gossamer pinks and peach colors.  Though it always is exciting wearing chic new lip product, if your face is aging,  then you need to be careful of the shades and formulations before purchasing. Otherwise, you could be sabotaging your beauty efforts by drawing unwanted attention to lip lines.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

How to Easily Boost the Radiance of Any Liquid Foundation!

tanned smiling woman.jpeg
This beauty's smile shows her excitement on keeping that gorgeous summer glow.

You may have acquired a healthy boost of color from the summer sun.  However, the more days that pass, the more we lose that much sought after warm glow.  Of course, you can replace fading color with a bronzer, but I have a great makeup tip to help you better transition that summer complexion and keep that natural-looking glow going as long as possible.

To do this, you need your liquid foundation or whatever tinted moisturizer that you use along with a bottle of your favorite liquid bronzer.  What you do is pour a small amount of the size that you regularly use to do your makeup in the palm of your hand then add a few drops (one or two) of the liquid bronzer before mixing together.  If the mix is too light to match your skin tone, you can remedy that with more bronzer as needed.  

As the tan continues to fade, you can lighten up your foundation/tinted moisturizer and bronzer custom blend since you’ll mix up a fresh application daily.  This method seems to help the complexion maintain a more natural boost of sun all year round or whatever dullness sets in.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How to Do Your Eye Makeup to Compensate for Bloodshot Eyes!

bloodshot eyes.jpeg
Learning to use color to contrast can be an ideal solution. 
For those times when you wake up to scare yourself with red, irritated eyes due to allergies, illness or simply  partying too hard, your first impulse might be to reach for eye drops like Visine to constrict the blood vessels.  Since this happens to be an ocular decongestant, it will help get the red out for the immediate future.  

However, frequent use of such an ocular decongestant puts you at risk for rebound redness.  Instead, a wiser course of action is easing your eyes with lubricant eye drops and using eye makeup to counteract the problem.

What else that you can do is take advantage of offsetting the remaining redness with navy liner and mascara, a color that seems to make the whites brighter.

Lining the inner lids can also help distract from those red lines.  Some people swear by white eye liner pencil, but I think a nude eye liner is a better choice for that brightening.

As to shadows, go with light shimmery neutral shades without any hints of red, pink or purple tones that will only do the opposite and play up that redness.  

For more helpful makeup tips when partying too long, I hope you read my earlier post.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pur Minerals Universal Marble Multidimensional Pink Powder Review + Swatches!

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Pur Minerals Universal Marble Pink Powder.jpeg
This powder has a flattering combination of pink and rose colors.

For me, a blush is essential to pull a face together with how it can perk up the color of your skin, shape and define cheekbones and give it an instant glow.  What’s even better is when you find one like what Pur Minerals has to offer that is formulated with ingredients to not only color, but improve the skin with vitamins, minerals, shea butter without the oil, talc, fragrance, alcohol, fillers, chemical dyes or BPA in its packaging while also being made here in the United States.  Though their Universal Marble Multidimensional Powder has been out for a while, I had never tried it for some reason until PR sent the Pink one along. Now that I have sampled it, I can’t understand why it took me so long!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Mineral Fusion’s Enchanted Eye Palette Review–New Find for Fall 2016 Beauty!

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Mineral Fusion’s Enchanted Eye Palette.jpeg
These skin-tone eye shadow shades can brighten and help make eyes look younger.

Here’s an exciting beauty find that I am happy to share with you. Vegan brand, Mineral Fusion, has a new eye palette that is simply divine with six stunning neutral shades of mattes and shimmers that comes complete with eye pencil and double-ended brush applicator that you’re going to love!  

Besides formulating healthier cosmetics without parabens, artificial colors, phthalates, gluten to countless other harsh ingredients, the reason that I am so taken with this new Mineral Fusion Enchanted Eye Palette that PR sent is the beautiful versatility from these basic colors that are perfectly suited for anyone, regardless of skin tone. Whether your eyes are young or aging, these shadows go on smoothly and can brighten the lids without calling attention to flaws since they are more skin-tone eye shadows that can make that possible.