Sunday, October 22, 2017

Goodbeing Natural Beauty/Lifestyle Subscription Box October 2017 Review

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This month I found $65.40 worth of natural beauty in the October 2017 Goodbeing box.

Anyone trying to find healthier beauty and sustainable living products to better your life would find a natural beauty/lifestyle subscription box helpful.  With one such as Goodbeing, you can become acquainted with new natural brands to start you on your way.

Each month Goodbeing sends out a box with four to five full and sample size products for $24.95 and free USA shipping.  You also get to pick two products that will go into your box, which really helps improve your odds of getting items that you’ll love.

If you want a smaller assortment, you can opt for the $9.95 a month mini box with two products instead.  You can specify the standard natural beauty box or the lifestyle box such as what I was sent for October 2017. 

Goodbeing Standard Box October 2017 

1.  Afterspa Sleep Mask–(Full Size)-----------------------------------------------------------$12.00
2.  Orglamix Miracle Worker Color Correcting Cream (Full Size)-----------------------$18.00
3.  Oneself Organics Hawaiian Flower Lei Perfume ( 2ml Sample)---------------------$9.80
4.  Modicum #3 Essential Serum (10ml Sample)-------------------------------------------$21.60
5.  Isa’s Restoratives Immortelle Beauty Balm (1/8 oz. Sample)-------------------------$4.00

Total Approximate Value: $65.40!

Afterspa Sleep Mask can fit any head.  It’s light, contours to the eyes and fastens in place with velcro.

The Orglamix Miracle Worker Color Correcting Cream is to hide skin problems and brighten without any harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, and synthetic fragrances.  This warm yellow cream has a light consistency that can be built up while covering imperfections in multiple areas from under eye darkness to redness quite well.

Oneself Organics Hawaiian Flower Lei Perfume is the easiest way to experience the welcoming floral scent of  tropical paradise.  I just wish it was a larger size.

Modicum #3 Essential Serum was a great skin care find for hydrating and anti-aging. This intensive serum was packed with superb ingredients such as sea buckthorn berry oil, black cumin seed oil, rose damascus, and Helichrysum oil.           

Isa’s Restoratives Immortelle Beauty Balm is another winning facial skin care discovery.  It has sea buckthorn and is rich with capuacu butter from the Amazon rainforest, murumuru, Helichrysum among other beneficial ingredients.  This anti-aging balm restores moisture, helps heal inflammation and renew cells to promote a younger complexion. You apply this balm a bit differently by warming a small amount between your hands first before patting into your skin.  

I really thought it a nice box with excellent value.  The skin care was my favorite this month. The sleep mask was the only product that I could have done without. I will be giving that a cousin that uses them.  I, on the other hand, just need to close my eyes and I’m good.

If you’re serious about escaping chemicals in beauty and life, I recommend Goodbeing on your journey.  Check them out!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Recipe: Try My Easy Blender Potato or Macaroni Salad Dressing

This dressing is a bit lighter than your usual regular mayo-based version, but tastes just as rich.

I was in the mood for potato salad and decided to make a batch this morning.  The dressing I prefer is this one for the blender that has a bit lighter taste than a straight mayo-based version.   My recipe uses prepared mustard, milk, less vinegar than some other recipes to a tad of sugar, pepper, onion, salt, and pepper to curb the mayonnaise in a delicious way. 

Besides macaroni salad, you can store any extra in the refrigerator for next time or use on baked potatoes or over a green salad for a wonderful change of pace.  

I hope that you decide to give my recipe a try because I think that you’ll love it.

My Easy Blender Potato Salad Dressing
This dressing is also great on baked potatoes to green salads, if you have any left.

½ cups of milk
1 teaspoon of salt
2 teaspoons of sugar
1 tablespoon of prepared mustard
1 small onion, quartered
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
3/4 cup of mayonnaise or Salad dressing
1 tablespoon of white vinegar
paprika to sprinkle on top

Place the onion that you have quartered into your blender along with everything except the mayo and vinegar.  Put on chop mode, then blend a few seconds longer before adding the mayo and vinegar.  Pulse until you get a creamy consistency.

Pour over your waiting potato salad.  

Sprinkle paprika over the top, then cover and refrigerate until cold and ready to serve.


Friday, October 20, 2017

A Gentle Natural DIY Facial Exfoliator That Sensitive Complexions Need to Try

Your kitchen is a handy place to turn when it comes to skin care.

All the makeup that we regularly apply does leave minuscule traces behind.  Though we do our best to remove our products, our facial cleansers and toners can only do so much unless we make it a point to exfoliate.  Of course, you can buy exfoliating products as scrubs to facial peel pads, etc. to deep clean the pores and resurface the complexion.  However, your kitchen is also another alternative with plenty of ingredients that can help such as this wonderful DIY facial exfoliator recipe for sensitive skin.

This one uses brown sugar, which has a finer grain than table sugar that could be a bit more irritating.  I also like to use sesame oil in this recipe to help with the glide but also for the benefit its rich fatty acids have for skin from antibacterial to anti-inflammatory properties.  

This recipe is so simple.  Mix one tablespoon of brown sugar to one half teaspoon of sesame oil before applying to your freshly washed face.  You do want to work quickly when using this oil since it can absorb somewhat compared to one like olive oil. Using olive oil is fine with my dry skin, but I like the feel of less grease against my face that the sesame oil provides as well as the way it disinfects.

Another gentle DIY exfoliator is the one I shared using baking soda with some of your facial cleanser that you might want to check out.  This one does a nice job without causing any redness.

Exfoliation is a must especially with all these new chemical ingredients that continue to appear in our makeup and skin care products that could be accumulating deep within the skin.  Allowing those ingredients to remain could eventually take a toll on your beautiful complexion if you don’t take your skin care seriously.  Therefore, take a few extra minutes once a week or every other week to help your skin recover through exfoliation to keep beautiful!  

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Goldwell Kerasilk Hair Perfumes Review: Why This Line Needs to Be on Your Shopping List

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These add an extra special touch to hair!

Before hair perfumes became popular, I used to like to mist my hair with my regular fragrance until it started drying my hair too much due to the amount of its alcohol. Later, to avoid direct contact with the strands, I tried spraying my hairbrush first before using on my head.  This was a better approach, but it truly didn’t transfer as much of the scent as I had hoped.  Thankfully, the industry stepped in with all the new products that came out.  One line that I am particularly excited about is Goldwell’s line of Kerasilk Hair Perfumes that I have been using lately.

The line consists of four different scents: Control, Color, Reconstruct, and Repower.  Each is lovely in its own right and can also be worn on the skin, if you want to take more of its beauty with you.

Kerasilk Control is a warm and sensual mix of oriental and wood notes.
Kerasilk Color is a romantic blend of rose and sexy musk that is hard to resist.
Kerasilk Reconstruct is a feminine chypre floral sensation of magnolia-jasmine and patchouli and those haunting notes of amber, tobacco and musk.
Kerasilk Repower offers a freesia and lily against citrus for a sort of airy freshness like those notes are floating on water.

Besides leaving a light, but enticing scent that lingers on the hair, there are other wonderful advantages to Goldwell Kerasilk Hair Perfumes.  They also help give the hair extra shine without making it to feel tacky or hard.  Furthermore, they won’t clash with your regular perfumes.

I really loved them all, but I have to admit that Repower was my favorite.  This is the perfect time to start thinking of the holidays to get yourself ready for those special occasions or just to put on your gift buying list.  

A full-size 1.6 oz. bottle retails around $28 in the USA.  For more information, visit Goldwell.  Check them out!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How to Pick Out the Right Brush for Your Hair in Order to Best Bring Out Its Beauty

Your choice of hair brush matters.  Do you know the best one for your hair type?

In the past, women would regularly brush their hair with many strokes before bedtime to distribute and smooth the oils for that healthy shine.  This is no longer needed due to all the advances in hair care products that benefit the hair in almost the same way.  Now we can just pick the right brush for our hair’s texture and maximize the style and volume. Here are some hair brush selection tips to keep in mind.

A round brush is what you want to help build volume at the crown or bending the ends when drying.  This type works with any hair texture.  Consider the size of the barrel and the length of your hair first.  The shorter the hair, the smaller the barrel should be. Barrel size increases for medium to longer hair.

The cushion brush is the kindest method for detangling hair of any length into a smooth style.  This is especially helpful for anyone with fine, straight or wavy hair.  The reason this is the best brush is because the cushion limits any forceful tugging to damage it.

On the other hand, a wet brush is similar to a cushion brush, only with wider pins.  This is especially helpful for fine, straight or wavy hair to use when wet before drying. Using this type of brush better protects fragile wet hair from being ripped.

The paddle brush is great for most hair textures except thick or curly.  This type is the one ideal for creating straight, smooth one length style.  This is not the brush that will help if you have layered hair.  

Those with a lot of thick, coarse hair need a vent brush.  The holes in the design help with getting the tangles but also speed up blow-drying.

Thermal brushes are what you want for locking in more enduring curls when drying.   Material such as ceramic or titanium of its inner core is what heat the brush up almost to mimic a curling iron.  

If you keep these different hair brush designs in mind, you’ll more likely have better luck with your hair.  

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Molton Brown Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold Eau de Toilette Review

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This is cozy, but elegant oriental fragrance that you'll adore.

If you’re having trouble finding that perfect cold weather fragrance, then look no more because I discovered one from Molton Brown that totally has me smitten. Though Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold Eau de Toilette launched in 2015, this was the first time I ever sampled its heady oriental beauty that I couldn’t keep it to myself any longer.

This is not a heavily spicy fragrance, but a luxurious unisex one with a sweet honey creaminess against the mossy wood accord.  The effect is a masterful mellowing of the spices in a way that is elegant and so intriguing in how it plays out.  

The top notes are cinnamon leaf oil and nutmeg oil, which blend spice and sweetness, smoothing the two so neither dominates. Yet, you already are drawn into its allure.

As the fragrance further warms in the heart, you experience more of its richness from notes of elemi oil, myrrh oil and black tea accord.  At this stage, the scent becomes a bit drier and more mysterious for how those notes mingle.

By the time the fragrance dries down in the base, it has a powdery, smoky quality due to  a graceful marriage of sweet to spice that is quite sophisticated. 

Those looking for a fabulous and unique winter fragrance or for holiday gift giving should visit Molton Brown for Mesmerizing Oudh Accord & Gold Eau de Toilette ($65).  Honestly, it shouldn't be missed!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Exciting Fall 2017 Lip and Nail Color Inspiration from Rimmel and Sally Hansen

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Going from left to right is Society Ruler, Ruby Do and ending with Slicks and Stones.

For both Rimmel London and Sally Hansen, plum is the word to show off lips and nails this season.  From a brighter raspberry-infused plum to a vampy eggplant purple, Rimmel has Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colours in Plum This Show (810) and Midnight (800) to create that ideal velvety matte smoothness that is so popular.  

On the left is Midnight with Plum This Show on the right.

Nails are treated to the same rich degree of bold color with Sally Hansen’s Salon Manicure Ruby Do (490) and Society Ruler (418)Ruby Do is a sophisticated wine with underlying red that is gorgeous especially against paler skin once tans begin fading.  Society Ruler is a dark plum that almost reminds me of grape jelly.  In the Color Therapy line, you might want to try Slicks and Stones (390), which is an exciting dark purple with multi-colored shimmers.

Whatever your favorite plum preference happens to be, here are some great inexpensive choices to play up your lips and nails.  My advice is to check out these particular shades in their Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colours, Salon Manicure and Color Therapy nail polish lines at your local drugstores or wherever you shop for Rimmel and Sally Hansen products.  

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Makeup Trends for Fall 2017 and Winter 2018

Extreme lashes and bold, dark lips are in store for fall 2017
The major fashion houses pave the way for each season of beauty and styles.  Most of the trends are exciting with different takes on hues and changes to application techniques that you can’t wait to try. Others may work just for models on the runway or a jetsetter that has a need to stand out, but some can be a bit ridiculous for the average woman’s life unless we spin from them in another way.    

For instance, would you wear a set of overly long false lashes that go beyond your brows and pencil in huge bottom lashes?  The effect, when you close your eyes, is a tiny eye peering through a jungle of sprouting hair?  How is this attractive? 

Longer bottom lashes are going to be major this autumn, but instead of distorting them in that fashion, we can still use that idea and benefit.  A few coats of mascara are less extreme and more suitable for everyday life. 

Even worse, what is appealing about adhering an extra set of false lashes to your crease that is set off with bright color?  If I saw lashes springing from the middle of my eyelids, I would be rushing to the doctor thinking that my hormones were suddenly going haywire.  Long, lash lashes from one set in the normal spot bring attention to magnify eyes, but making the eyelids a mass of hair is ugly in my opinion. 

Red lips and minimal makeup also will be just as trendy.
Instead, take advantage of playing with the bright and sunset colors, jewel tones for creating smoky eyes and the metallic shadows, but lose that extra pair of false eyelashes for the creases.  If you want to call attention, substitute liner if you feel that you need it there or experiment with color blocking or bright with a dark, smoky shade for a gorgeous effect.

Lip color this season ranges from deep blood red, burgundies, luscious takes of berries to natural shades in mattes and less shiny gloss.  Still, there is another trend that I do not feel is becoming is gold, silver, platinum blocking on the lips, appearing like you have a piece of metal wedged to go along with graphic smoky eyes.  What makes the look of a square of metal between the lips beautiful? 

Instead, why not use those beautiful new lips colors along with gold and silver only to highlight the cupid’s bow?  

I posted some examples at Pinterest on my Makeup Trends to the Extreme for Fall 2017 board that you may want to check.  

Fashion houses only provide the creative starting point.  The rest is up to us to fuel our inspiration in the best way we see fit to work into our own lives.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Have You Tried Raw Honey to Heal a Blemish?

Be sure to use raw honey, which is more effective since it was not treated with heat or processed to alter it.

Did you know that raw honey can help with pimples?  It is a natural antibacterial that also has anti-inflammatory properties.  Together, they reduce the swelling and redness and are kinder to the skin unless the harsher drying effects of salicylic acid products.

Once you cleanse your face, you dab just a little over the pimple before covering with a bandage.  You repeat this process for a long as you need to.  

I tried this last week for a few days and it worked without any skin irritation.  

Friday, October 13, 2017

Three Helpful Tips When Shopping for Eye Shadow

These three eye shadow pointers  can save you time and future happiness.

How many times have you bought eye shadows that you thought looked fabulous in the store until later when you tried them on?  If so, then I want to share a few tips from my makeup artist friend that can help lessen your chances of an unsatisfactory purchase.

Before you get carried away, you always need to consider your skin tone first.  After all, the depth of the shade can be too overpowering or can wash you out.  For instance, the fairer that you are, the more that you don’t want the shade to be too dark.  The effect could too harsh and unnatural for you to carry it off in a flattering way.

The second most important thing concerns the eye shadow’s texture.  Are you thinking of matte, shimmer, satin,  or metallic?  Young eyes can wear anything since they have no creases to worry about.  However, aging eyes need to be more careful.  Mattes and satins are the safest choices unlike shimmers or metallic ones that can highlight flaws. 

The third involves how sensitive your eyes are.  Any cosmetic that has hypo-allergenic or dermatologist-tested on the label is no guarantee that it will be irritant free.  Just remember powders when brushed across the lid can fall into the eye whereas cream formulas adhere to it.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Burt’s Bees Mineral Blush Line Review + Swatches

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These shades look extremely natural.  Bare Peach is on the left, Toasted Cinnamon (middle) and Shy Pink on the right.

Now that Burt’s Bees has finally expanded their cruelty-free and natural skin care line into makeup, I am one happy girl.  The other day I told you about their better for your health foundations.  Today, I want to tell you about their new mineral blush line.

Currently, this is only a three-color line with a warm pink (1210 Shy Pink), a vibrant peach (1205 Bare Peach) and a brown-orange (1215 Toasted Cinnamon) at a cost of $10 each.  Like most cosmetics these days, this blush is not sold with any brush.  

Here are the shades that I swatched.  Notice Toasted Cinnamon in the middle can double as a bronzer. 

The formula is infused with skin boosting ingredients of bamboo, honey and vitamin E to help bring out the most natural glow.  As always, you have no need to fear parabens, phthalates, SLS, petrolatum or synthetic fragrances.

These blushes are lightweight, silky feeling and go on rather sheer, but the glow you get can be easily built up.  For the most part, you would consider the finish matte.  Yet, when you check the blushes deliver a very subtle glow. There are no glitter or sparkles, but I noticed the faintest radiance when examining my face from different angles.

You also don’t have to worry about the colors fading quickly.  I had this blush on from morning until close to dinner time and found the colors stayed true.

This is the second product from the company’s new makeup line that I really like and will buy again.  If you want a blush with safer ingredients that will also appear realistic over a fake, powdery sort of glow, you need to try Burt’s Bees Mineral Blush.  I know that you’ll be pleased!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Helpful Skin Care Tips for Those With Rosacea

This beauty now has a better way to hide any skin issues.

My complexion can be sensitive at times, but I do not have rosacea.  However, my mother does suffer from it.  If you also have this problem, then you know what a challenge it can be to minimize the skin’s redness.  Diet, products and even water temperature when cleansing or winter weather can be enough to make this problem worse. 

Anyone with rosacea knows how easily skin care products can irritate.  Finding the right formula can take quite a bit of experimentation before settling on products that work because everyone reacts differently to ingredients.   

According to the National Rosacea Society, alcohol, witch hazel, fragrance, menthol, peppermint, and eucalyptus oil are the most common ingredients to watch out for.  Also, you need to avoid ingredients that tend to exfoliate such as alpha and beta hydroxy acids. Others such as propylene glycol, camphor, menthol or retinoids also can be too harsh in how they dry out the skin.  

Instead, look for calming ingredients such as calendula oil, chamomile, shea butter, sunflower oil, and aloe.  You can also seek out a moisturizer formulated specifically for rosacea.  

For a more soothing experience, refrigerate your moisturizer.  The cool temperature helps quite down the facial flushing when the condition acts up just like splashing the face with cold water or applying a cold compress.

Always remember how delicate your skin is.  Therefore, take the sun seriously because it can trigger more redness.  Make it a point to always wear a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen before going outdoors.  

Another way to protect your skin is to skip overly hot water when washing.  The reason this provokes rosacea is because it brings more red color to your face as the blood vessels and capillaries dilate.  You’re safer using lukewarm water and closing with cool water.

You might always want to try a green-tinted makeup primer.  This contrast of color can downplay the redness.  Mineral makeup or fragrance-free cosmetics are also wiser options.

For more on the subject, you might want to read my earlier posts on how to minimize redness and understanding the role food plays in rosacea.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Burt’s Bees Goodness Glows Full Coverage Liquid Makeup–Buff (1015) and Linen Beige (1030) Review + Swatches!

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This mineral foundation treats skin with healthy ingredients and excellent coverage.

Natural beauty lovers have reason to rejoice.  After 33 years of helping us steer clear of synthetic and less than safe ingredients in mainly skin and lip care products, Burt’s Bees has expanded into makeup.  Today, I want to fill you in on their Goodness Glows Full Coverage Liquid Makeup that I had a chance to test recently.

These are the two of the lightest of the warm-toned shades.

The line has 12 shades and retails for $17.  The formula is 98.9% natural without parabens, phthalates, SLS, petrolatum or synthetic fragrances that could jeopardize health.  This liquid mineral foundation has wonderful moisturizing ingredients to aid the complexion and help promote luminosity from meadowfoam seed oil, sunflower oil and just to name a few humectants such as  honey, glycerin and squalane.  The product also has a sanitary pump for dispensing the foundation, which cuts down on bacteria and keeps it fresher longer.  

On the left is Linen Beige with Buff closest to my wrist.  Linen Beige is lighter upon blending it out.

The colors I tried were the fairest of the warm shades Buff 1015 and one shade deeper with Linen Beige 1030.  Depending on the brand, I usually range from Fair to Light with warm undertones.  On ULTA’s website, the color descriptions go from fair and jump straight to medium, skipping light, which is not accurate.  Linen Beige is light with warm undertones, (not a medium) as they labeled it.  This color was a close match for me.  Next time, I would like to try the Natural Beige with a tad more pink to it.  On the other hand, the Buff was a bit pale for me.  The only way that I could wear it would be by adding some extra color to my face with a blush.  The shades do run a bit lighter so keep that in mind.   

This is full-coverage foundation that blended and smoothed over my dry complexion beautifully.  At the same time, my skin felt soft and pampered and had a radiance that came through to the surface.  In the hours that I wore it, this foundation never caked up in spots or migrated to settle in my laugh lines or produce an excessive shine.  I really thought it was a great foundation for performance, health, and price.

I don’t know how this foundation would be for anyone with an oily complexion.  All I can say is if your skin is normal to dry skin like mine and you are looking for a wonderful new and healthier foundation without overspending, you can’t beat Burt’s Bees Goodness Glows Full Coverage Liquid Makeup.  Look for it at your local drugstore or wherever you buy Burt’s Bees products because you’ll love it! 

Monday, October 9, 2017

PUR Cosmetics PRO X Etienne Ortega Eyeshadow Palette–An Amazing Fall Beauty Find!

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These are ideal colors that blend together in sheer perfection.

Just in time for fall, PUR Cosmetics has teamed up with Etienne Ortega,  a noted celebrity makeup artist, and released a stunning new 18-piece eyeshadow palette of matte and shimmer neutrals, including some great transition shades.  The colors are rich, wonderfully pigmented takes on nudes, a multiple of warm and cool browns, gold, peach, taupe, rose, black, silver, purple, deep blue, and olive that can take your eyes to new depths with how beguiling these shades are.

The PUR Cosmetics PRO X Etienne Oretega Eyeshadow Palette will allow you to create the season’s most enviable looks whether for daytime to all out glamour for nights.  The texture is never gritty but beautifully smooth, caressing lids with these softly defining hues that you will get plenty of use from.

This palette has the following colors:

Stripped–pale beige shimmer
Legend–tan shimmer
Popular–warm tan matte
Penny–copper shimmer
Monji–reddish brown shimmer
Muddy–cool matte brown
Dreamer–light gold (almost apricot) shimmer
1988–matte warm taupe
Adobe–matte brick red
Bossy–rose gold shimmer
Faux–bronze shimmer
3 A.M.–matte black
Zenon–silver shimmer
Lola–cool taupe matte
Paradise–violet-purple shimmer
Billionaire–deep olive shimmer
Midnight–dark violet-blue shimmer
Galaxy–lighter black shimmer

This is such a well-coordinated palette that you’ll never get tired of using with how versatile they are.  Unlike some colors that just sit there in your palette, these all work together so beautifully that you can’t help being inspired to try new looks.

Between us, this is one of the best fall eyeshadow palettes that I have tried to date. I highly recommend snagging PUR Cosmetics PRO X Etienne Ortega Eyeshadow Palette ($42) while you see it because with how great it is, I believe it could sell out in the meantime.  Check it out at PUR’s website or your local Kohl’s.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Some Thoughts on How to Get More Happiness From Life

Redirecting stress and channeling it differently can improve the quality of your life.

Most people are stressed almost to their breaking points these days with everything that is happening in their lives and the world.  Some of what is going on is out of the average person’s control.  However, we are the ones that have control of our daily lives. Therefore, we can either let stress dictate how we live each day and confine us to our misery or view life differently.

Start by pinpointing the source of your tension. Of course, there will be problems beyond your control such as finding yourself or a loved one stricken with an incurable disease, injured in an accident, a victim of murder, etc.  

Yet, there are lots of other ones that can consume us from things like an unreasonable boss.  Perhaps, he or she makes you work those last few extra minutes by taking one more call, despite your computer system is in the process of shutting down.  This unfair action could cause you to miss your bus or be caught in rush hour.  A possible solution is seeing if your boss will allow you to start earlier to avoid that rush hour traffic hassle.  

Juggling schedules to take a child to the dentist, doctor or to a school activity by always being the one designated as the official driver for your children can lead to stress, not to mention resentment.  Demand some consideration by taking turns with your spouse can be wonderful for you and the entire family in general with more bonding.

Those are only two common examples, but ones that can spoil our lives.  

Another prime example of how we let stress to negatively affect us is through little things.  Think of your average day at home.  Perhaps, your child left their toys scattered on the floor instead of back in their toy box.  Yelling at their crime only solves to raise your blood pressure.  Of course, you can have dad scold them but you keep the tension and increase his as well.  Then again, you could try simply sweeping the toys off to the corner or box them up and threaten to give them away.   Instead, release only one toy at a time until the children understand if it is not back in the toy box they will not get another toy returned.

You also might want to read my earlier post on stress-busting techniques.  Stress is a killer if we let it continue to dominant our lives.  Learning to ease up on ourselves and the way we deal with stressful situations can be improved upon.  It may take practice to see a brighter side to what is going on and handling our anxiety, but it is a more productive emotion than the negative impact of stress.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Fuego Hot Sauce Subscription Box October 2017 Review

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There is nothing better than hot!

Hot and spicy are two tastes that I never tire of.  My feeling is that duo combination enhances maximum flavor from practically any dish.  For even more enjoyment, I rely on artisan hot sauces from Fuego Box because they are unique blends gathered from across the United States.

The October 2017 selection brought Burns & McCoy Gold 79, Yellowbird Serrano and White Label #1 Hot Sauce to my door.  The cost to subscribe is $29.95 per quarter with free shipping.  Inside each box, you also get a little background about each sauce and the best ways to enjoy them.

Burns & McCoy Gold 79 is zesty and deep mustard colored hot sauce that has seven pot peppers, caribe peppers, potatoes, squash, and fire roasted yellow bell peppers to balance the burn.  It has a smoothness to the kick that was delicious on my chicken or for wherever you usually pull out your hot sauce.  

White Label # 1 Hot Sauce has a nutty, smoky flavor to set off the habanero, onion, garlic, vinegar,  pepper mash, honey, orange juice, and peel.  This is one that has brightness to its fire and is more of a medium heat, perfect for most dishes.  It was especially good on my scrambled eggs this morning.

Yellowbird Serrano is a green colored chili condiment that is great on tacos.  It has carrot, cucumber and lime along with serrano peppers and spices that wake up your taste.  

If you’re tired of eating the same dishes and want an easy way to pump up the flavor, my advice is turning to hot sauces for your recipes and dishes like Fuego Box.  Check their website!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Could Your Sudden Unexplainable Skin Problems Be Due to New Jewelry?

This beauty is now reconsidering what else may be in her jewelry. 

Allergies are more common than you think.  Perhaps, you never thought it could happen to you.  However, symptoms may suddenly appear one day like irritated skin.  Suddenly you are left with swollen earlobes that are red and itchy.  This is confusing since you never changed soaps, laundry detergents or ate anything unusual. Then it occurs to you that you wore new earrings, but how could jewelry be responsible?

You might never have suffered an allergic symptom in your life, but there is always a first time.  You can react to any substance whether ingested, inhaled or once your skin is put in contact such as when wearing jewelry to cause contact allergic dermatitis.  

The main culprit in jewelry to cause allergic reactions is any nickel in the piece. This is the metal that can be in gold or silver-plated jewelry as a base.  However, you can’t assume that more expensive jewelry is completely nickle free.  

The amount of actual nickel in gold jewelry depends on the number of karats.  For example, 18% karat gold has about 75% gold to another metal, most likely nickel.  The less karats, the more that piece of jewelry uses more nickel.  The only being nickle free is stainless steel jewelry.

If you’re thinking of getting your ears pierced, then make sure to insist on a stainless steel needle for the piercing and buy only stainless steel earrings to be on the safest side.  If you must have gold, then higher grades like 18K or 24K gold earrings are what you should stick with.

Nickle can be found in a lot of different forms of jewelry like necklaces, bracelets and rings.  Of course, you can be allergic to another substance in jewelry that can lead to rashes, itching, blistering and crusty, oozing skin, but nickel is your skin’s biggest threat if you’re susceptible to it. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

How to Give Your Fine, Thinner Hair Extra Volume When Drying

This beauty found a better way to boost hair volume.

Though I have thick hair now, this was not always the case.  Believe it or not, I used to have thin hair that was straight instead of the same natural curl that I have today.  I don’t have any idea how my hair became thick and the natural curl decided to spring up, but it changed soon after I got a very short haircut as crazy as that may sound.  Therefore, I thought you would appreciate a hair styling trick that I used to do to boost my former thin hair’s volume.

I would use a round brush for this only.  The important thing to remember is to lift up the roots with the brush once you begin blow-drying through each section of the head.  This lifting will help the hair from falling flat and create more movement to the style.

In an earlier post, I shared another hair volumizing trick that you also might want to try.  If you do, I promise that your hair will appear to gain more volume!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Some Reasons That You Need to Sleep More

This beauty knows the value of sleep to maintain her beauty and health.

Everyone has occasional restless nights, but women seem to experience this even more than men.  Part of this problem is due to the unique physiology of our female bodies.  Menstruation, pregnancy or the onset of menopause all can interfere with our sleep patterns besides more increased stress than decades earlier from balancing home, family and work.

However, skipping sleep on a fairly regular basis can take a toll.  If sleeplessness becomes your new norm, it can raise your risk for high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.  

Obesity can also be in your future.  The reason you can put on more weight is because lack of sleep interferes with your hormone function and how the body burns fat.

Without ample hours of sleep, your brain can’t function to its full capacity for learning, cognition, memory and your response to the data it receives for doing things.  Proper sleep allows the brain to digest information and makes it easier for it to retrieve upon waking.

Though eight hours of sleep sounds like an unrealistic luxury, trying to reach for that goal can only improve the quality of your life, relationships and health.  

For more on the subject, please read my earlier post on sleep.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Lingerie Box October 2017--Deep Blue Liberty Romper Review

*Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated through a free product (s) or monetary payment.  Opinions are solely mine. All links are "no-follow" links.**

I love a lot about the Lingerie Box from the time saved shopping, the styles to perfect fit.

Ideal lingerie to me must play up the figure, but also be comfortable with all the hours we spend in them. Finding flattering, as well as amazing fitting intimate wear can take hours of shopping unless you have lingerie experts like Santa of the Lingerie Box and her team to handpick pieces best suited to your figure when ordering from this designer lingerie subscription box.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Lingerie Box, you enroll for their VIP subscription and complete a style quiz first for your sizes and favorite styles.   The cost for this personalized service runs $49.95 a month with free shipping.  Yet, each box is at least a $100 value.  Subscribing also will grant you access to their boutique and 10% off on any item in their stunning collection.

Last time, I reviewed a gorgeous bra and panty set that fit perfectly. This month I found the cutest romper in midnight blue with ivory lace from Blush Lingerie in my new box.  It is a stretchy, soft feeling rayon fabric with viscose 95% and 5% elastane with adjustable straps.  

This is the Deep Blue Liberty Romper.  

Just like the previous month, Santa and her team got my fit just right.  The piece wasn’t too loose or tight, but draped over my figure the way I liked.  The design and material of this cozy deep blue liberty romper were also wonderful for movement in bed instead of pulling in the wrong places or riding up while you sleep.

I was happy with this beautiful choice that the Lingerie Box chose specially for me.  However, if you don’t care for a selection, you always return it at your expense and receive store credit.

Furthermore, the subscription automatically does renew, but you can skip a month or cancel.  Order one month at a time, three months or choose a six-month subscription. 

Honestly,  I love how much time you can save trying on lingerie to find pieces that you’re happy with.  The Lingerie Box really does treat lingerie measurements and understands a woman’s tastes like a science.  If you’re looking for a better way to buy lingerie and save all that hassle of shopping, then put your trust in Santa and her team because what they send in this lingerie subscription box will amaze you.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Quick Callus Fix to Pretty Up Your Feet

This foot care post is a must for keeping feet beautiful and healthy.

Why is it that we continue to wear shoes that result in calluses?  Of course, the reason is we’ll do practically anything to look beautiful, including spending time in less than comfortable shoes.  If you also are guilty of this, then join the crowd because calluses are our bodies’ defense for protecting the skin at the bottom of our feet from constant friction caused by ill-fitting shoes or just standing too long.  

I have already shared two of my favorite ways of dealing with this problem.  One was a DIY callus foot fix recipe and the other was some alternative methods and a great soak to soften that tough skin.  

Still, there is something else that you may want to try on your calluses.  Those that have a flaky scalp and have dandruff shampoo in the house might find it convenient to rub some of this particular shampoo on your feet while in the shower.  All required is leaving the dandruff shampoo on for at least five to seven minutes to give the product’s salicylic acid time to gradually start loosening some of the hard skin before rinsing off.

However, this method is not recommended for anyone that is allergic to aspirin because it has salicylic acid in it.  Therefore, please keep this fact in mind.

The more treatments that you give your feet, the more that the callus will start to peel. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Early Defensive Tactics to Take When Discovering Your First Facial Lines That Can Help

Here's proof of well-cared for skin.  

Your complexion may be perfectly smooth and free of any signs of aging.  Though as wonderful as that may be, this facial perfection doesn’t last forever.  Sooner or later, everyone does get a turn experiencing these joys of growing older.  Once you start seeing those first fine lines is the time that you need some prompt action to push back the aging process.  Therefore, I have a few skin care tips that can help better defend your complexion.

One of the best things that you can do is to shop for skin care products that have glycolic acid and vitamin A (retinol) as ingredients.  Glycolic acid is so important because it is one of the best alpha-hydroxy acids for exfoliation and stimulating fresh skin cells to the surface.  The reason this is the primary AHA to look for is because glycolic acid has the tiniest size of molecules for the best penetration through the layers of the skin’s dermis.

Others alpha-hydroxy acids may have larger size molecules, but they too can benefit the skin, only not to the same extent as glycolic acid.  These include lactic acid from milk, tartaric acid from unripe grapes, citric acid from oranges and lemons, malic acid from apples and cherries, and mandelic acid from bitter almond.

Vitamin A (retinol) is a proven commodity for defying aging because it has the ability to thicken the skin and maintain collagen enough to firm up the look of wrinkles.  Using a product with retinol can only help make a face appear younger.

You also want to keep in mind that sunscreen in your products is just as important.  Make sure that your daily anti-aging moisturizer has at least 30 SPF broad-spectrum sunscreen component to protect from environmental damage from the sun.

Something else that you need to do is start using at home facial peels.  I prefer facial peel pads.  They are easy and can change the texture of your complexion without taking a lot of time and mess.  

Here’s my secret to prevent any abuse to my skin when using facial peel pads.  Use one facial peel pad on your freshly washed face before storing it afterwards in a small, closed jar to use for three times.  You will be surprised at much better that your complexion will respond instead of  flooding it with too many harsh chemicals.  After all, the skin needs time to recover and renew.  

For more helpful advice on defying the first signs of aging, you might want to read my posts on handling crow’s feet, some instant ways to turn back the aging clock, and more beauty secrets to hide age.  You can also check my sidebar in the labels section for additional information.

Those first wrinkles can really be depressing, but following my skin care tips can slow down the process.  Take my word for it and you will see, I promise!